Friday, March 26, 2010

Raise Your Child's Self-Esteem! (Part 1)

huhh lama dah tak berblog..
ada yang kata, zaman berblog dah berlalu, skrg zaman berfb..
atas alasan itulah pnAA dah lama tak update blog.. ehehe.. boleh terima tak?

pnAA skrg sedang gigih baca satu buku ni..
buku yang kecik-dan-dah-lama-beli ni tak dibaca2 pun..
buku ni datang dengan set2 yg kami beli drpd pakej Grolier..

pnAA tak sempat baca habeh lg..
maklom la bizi itu ini..
maka, pnAA copy share sket2 dulu yer.. pastu sindri elaborate & pikir la ek..
buku ni seswai utk mak2, bakal mak..
kenapa mak? sbb biasanya bapak2 x minat,x de masa byk tanggungjawab lain lg..
jadi, marilah kita bersama2 m'jadi mak2 yang 'berilmu' utk anak2 kita jugak..

tajuk: raise your child's self-esteem; 99 easy things to do
author: nancy krulik

" take the time to show your children how wonderful, unique, and special they are. be there for them through the good and the bad. be their cheerleader, teacher, and confidante. and show them that there is nothing you would rather do than be with them"

" if children only receive negative reinforcement, they won't think much of themselves. but if they get praise and encouragement often enough, they begin to develop a sense of pride in themselves that will sustain them for the rest of their lives"

  1. tell your child you love him at least once a day
  2. take your child's feelings seriously
  3. let your child know it's okay to make mistakes. macam la kite pun tak penah buat, kan..
  4. make a board game about your child's life (mark an accomplishment your child has made since he was born e.g; 1st time dia gelak, 1st time melukis conteng dinding etc)
  5. laugh at your child's jokes, walaupun kite tak paham papepun
  6. praise your child's effort, tak kesah la resultnye camne
  7. take your child's picture tym hari pertama sekolah tiap2 tahun
  8. encourage your child to ask questions & research the answers together yg kdg2 kite pun mmg tak tau jawapannye
  9. teach your child that "can't" is not forever. with a little hard work, your child will learn a new skill, and turn "i can't" into "i can"
  10. resist the urge to say "i told you so"
  11. pay attention to your child's random acts of kindness, and be sure to thank her for them
  12. play a memory game with your child
  13. don't treat all of your children exactly alike. each one has different needs
takat ni je yg sempat..
insyaAllah akan disambung lagi mudah2an..

selamat beramal..