Wednesday, September 30, 2009


:) 1

the burial service for the elderly woman climaxed with a massive clap of thunder;
followed by a bolt of lightning;
accompanied by even more thunder.

"well.." said her husband to the shaken pastor when it ended,
"she's there."

Norm Schmitz

:) 2

Filicia, my sleepy five year old niece, slipped into my bed just as my husband was heading downstairs to prepare breakfast

"why do you hate eggs, auntie?" she asked me

"who said i hate eggs?" i replied

"but," she said, "i just heard you ask uncle anthony to break a few eggs and beat them up for you!"

Michelle Ramjewan
ngeh.. ngeh.. ngeh..


Khadijah said...

Azree....tak paham yang nombor satu..*malu*

Puan AA said...

dijah, xde bende nak malunye..
lbh baik tanye drpd misunderstud..

si suami m'beritahu bahawa gegak gumpita yg b'laku sejurus slps pompuan tu dikebumikan menunjukkan wife nye sdg disoal siasat oleh munkar & nakir di dlm kubor(wife die byk dosa)..