Friday, August 28, 2009

Concealed Colours

jom cube try test power..
test ni tnA bawak balik dr KL ritu..
maybe ade yg dh penah buat.. sori la, pnAA baru je tau & try.. hihi..
bg yg blom penah try, leh la try..

caranya, cuba carik warna tersembunyi dlm setiap ayat dalam masa 3minit..
- the general ordered his soldiers into battle

ada paham?? ok, 3menet dari skrg!!
  1. A big, old hungry dog appeared at our door every morning
  2. the cab lacked proper brakes to stop at the junction
  3. he let out a big yell, owing to the injuries he received when he fell
  4. the new law hit everyone's pocket very hard
  5. you should pluck your eyebrow, not your eyelashes
  6. no ranger will allow you to feed the animals
  7. neswpaper editors decided to go on strike
  8. in kuala lumpur, plenty of money can be made
  9. you should'nt sell this fossil very cheaply because it is very rare
  10. i watched mei lin dig out the worms for fishing

sume ade 11 colours.. dapat carik x?

pnAA skor 9/11 jer.. :(


sikakikecil said...

start cuba sebelum berbuka
teman dapek 1/11 jooo


lepas berbuka, dpt lg satu, maknanya total 2/11..

itu bukan 3 minit tu..itu berminit2 berjam2. hahah

mmm.. nak jwpn, azree :)

Puan AA said...

bleh bg jawapan.. tp carik sindri ok..
1. red
2. black
3. yellow
4. white
5. brown
6. orange
7. red
8. purple
9. silver
10 indigo

sikakikecil said...

hebat, masa nk tgk balik jwpn dlm soalan pun amik masa lama nk cr dlm ayat tu. mmg fail r bab2 ni. heheheh. thanks azree!

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