Sunday, May 2, 2010

Raise Your Child's Self-Esteem (Part II)


sekali lg lama pnAA menyepi..
lama jugak gap antara part I dgn part II.. selama iron man 1 & iron man 2.. ehehe..
mmg mengalahkan author nye.. agak2nye, author ni abehkan menuleh satu buku ni pun tak selama gap yg pnAA buat.. huhu..
tp xpe, yg penting, ada sambungannya kan? (ayat pujuk hati sindri)

ok, kita sambung balik topik pengajian kita..

  • create a crystal ball collage. let your child fill it with pictures and stories about what he hopes his future will be
  • pull out a photo album filled with your child's baby pictures. tell him stories about when he was a baby. kan ke seronok mengimbau detik2 nostalgia bersama2..
  • talk out about your disagreements with your child. if you give her the silent treatment now, she's liable to give it back to you later. baru padan muka.. ehehe..
  • don't let your child go to bed angry with you @ thinking that you are angry with him
  • teach your child that all people are entitle to their points of view. depa punya point of view pun kita kena respect jugak
  • keep your child's secret kecuali kalau secret tu tak elok dari apa2 segi
  • always say "good bye" before you leave. jgn blah camtu je, nnt depa kecik hati
  • let your child cry if he needs to. depa kan budak2 lg
  • buat "I CAN" can. tiap kali anak masters a new skill, tuleh atas kertas & bubuh dlm can tu. lepas tu cek kandungan can tu dari semasa ke semasa. so, anak akan tau apa yg dia dah belajar
  • make a feelings chart. tiap hari, suruh  anak tanda apa perasaan depa & tanya kenapa
  • try not to bring your work home with you
  • carry a wallet-sized snapshot wherever you go
  • go for a walk and write a poem about your neighborhood
  • let your child push the button in the elevator
  • let your child tie your shoes @ zip your jacket dll
  • send care package to sleep-away camp. letak sekali special note
  • take a day off to go along on your child's class field trip
  • let your child have an extra dessert once in a while
  • listen to your child's favourite CD & try to like the music
  • have the sleepover at your house sometimes
ok, takat ni dulu.. to be continued..